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Brick and Stone Masonry Company in Fort Worth, Texas

Mason Contractor In Fort Worth - Ready to Serve all your Brick and Stone Repairs

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Here in the Fort Worth area, we have made a career out of keeping your brick homes and your residential masonry fort worth structures secure. Bricks have been a central part of our masonry construction methods for longer than living memory and we depend upon them for so many things: stability, warmth, security… but unfortunately, sometimes they are liable to break brick. It is a shame but it’s true. Sometimes, they will disintegrate with the weather, sometimes they will succumb to other kinds of damage.

Luckily, those living in the Fort Worth area don’t have to worry about any of that. Why? Because of Fort Worth Brick Repair. We are here to cater to all of your brick repair needs. Any day, rain or shine, you can count on us to provide the service that you need!  More importantly, we run into more brick mailbox damage from cars hitting them than any.   So, we are pros at restoring these brick mailboxes in Fort Worth than most other masonry competitors.  And, can get them done quickly!

Brick Chimneys are beautiful and can last a very long time.  However, there are those times where foundation shifting can cause them to get loose.  So the question is, are you missing fireplace bricks?  Don't wait, call us today to have your brick fireplace repaired usually in the same day.

Brick repair should be left to highly trained professionals who have the proper skills and training to complete the work.

With this in mind, call us here at Fort Worth Brick Repair for all of your brick and masonry service needs. We provide outstanding outcomes for affordable prices.

About Us

We’ve been operating for long enough to realise that in order to build a company that has a great reputation in a local area, you need to put in many years of hard, honest work. For us, this has taken the form of masonry restoration and repair in the Fort Worth area, mailbox repair, brick repair and the repair or exterior and interior walls in Dallas and Fort Worth TX as well as the DFW area.

Some people even call us brick doctors! That is because we do all manner of brick work. We do brick painting, german smear, repair of the cracks in exterior walls, foundation repair work, retaining wall repair, repointing, and all kinds of construction repair from chimney to mortar joints. Basically, whatever you want - we have the answer to your problems. We are your local masonry and retaining wall contractors fort worth tx

Don't forget to reachout to your local fort worth brick repair contractors. Fort Worth Brick Repair is here when you need us. Heck, just consister us you Texas brick repair company.

If you have ever googled residential masonry repair near me, most likely, Fort Worth Brick Repair Company has popped up as a favorite Masonry repair in Fort Worth, Texas. There are many brick and mortar repair companies out there, however, most are too busy to take calls or they are many weeks out before the can attend to your emergency brick or stone repair on your home or business.

Most of us have a hard time deciding on who we can trust nowadays, especially on our masonry home. Let us take control with excellent customer service, timely brick repair and most importantly our Fort Worth's masonry contractors are licensed and insured for peace at mind.

Because we have been in the Masonry business for 4 generations, so we know how to price these stone masonry repairs or brick restoration projects out, to make it fair for you as the customer and us as a lasting company.

If you have a lockable mailbox bricked in and it has been damaged due to a moving object, please give us a call as we are a specialist who can replace these with a new locked mailbox.

Our team has been focusing on improving brick outcomes for many years. We have been through effective training programs, and we will ensure that you receive outcomes that are helpful and effective for all of your needs.

Fort Worth, TX

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    Learn More About Us

    Therefore, you might think that the services that we offer might be varied and difficult to understand. But, thankfully we have condensed them down to six webpages on here that you can read and find out more detail about.  For instance, chimney repair near meClick here

    They have developed organically to meet all of the brick needs that our clients normally have. However, if you have a problem that you don’t think its covered by our standard services we are very happy to listen and to offer what we can to help. Therefore, please feel free to give us a call (all of our contact details are available right here on this website).

    The services that we offer are going to cover all of your brick repair and brick installation needs. No matter how big or small the project is, our team of highly trained professionals will be able to provide you with a solution.

    This is a picture of a brick and mortar repair.
    Brick and Mortar Repair

    Brick and mortar, easy peasy! This is our bread and butter, it’s how we earn a crust! If you feel like your brickwork has been exposed to the conditions of weather for too long and you’re worried about it’s health. Give us a call today to see what we can do to provide some more security in your home and in your life. Finding a brick-and-mortar store can be a challenge. The brick masonry team that you can trust for brick laying and all of your other masonry work or masonry supply needs can be our team. Brick for buildings and brick on walls is going to be easy once you hire our professionals. We will be able to pinpoint the right services for you. Always turn to as your trusted source for masonry in Fort Worth. Also, all of our masonry contractors in Fort Worth, TX are highly trained.

    This is a picture of a brick chimney and fireplace repairs.
    Brick Chimney and Fireplace Repairs

    But it is not only walls that we tend to. No, sir! At Fort Worth Brick Repair, we are able to take those objects on the substrate, like chimneys and fireplaces and keep them from the damage that water and smoke can sometimes create. Also - we will repair any damage already done!  We are capable of matching brick for fireplaces without a problem, usually.  Most of the brick for fireplaces are generally the same as the home and we are able to find out the exact color of brick for homes. When you need to hire masonry contractors in Fort Worth, TX, make sure you give our team a call. We also offer repairs for masonry in Balch Springs, and we are also the trusted Richardson masonry company. Hire our Fort Worth masonry contractors for all of your brick chimney and fireplace repair needs. Even if you have bricks tone or brick for outdoor fireplaces, our team is going to be able to handle the old brick of the patch brick work. Masonry in Dallas, TX is easy because we are trusted for German smear brick services as well. Our masonry repair in Fort Worth TX ensures that all of the brick chimneys and fireplaces look great, and that they are also sturdy.

    This is a picture of a brick mailboxes.
    Brick Mailboxes

    We all have a mailbox but not all of us have a stylish brick mailbox that looks great in the yard! For those of us lucky to own such an object, you will know that sometimes, it gets knocked over by a car or by natural wear and tear. Let us be the ones to fix it and we can even discuss a new design, a new spot for it or some safety and security that wasn’t there before. The cost of a brick mailbox is going to be affordable when you hire our brick mailbox experts. We have been able to offer affordable brick mailbox prices for many years. We have also completed projects for brick mailbox and glad replacement projects. When you need a brick doctor for the brick around mailbox, make sure you count on us. We have many years of experience that we can integrate into our work, and we are the preferred brick mason in the region for this sort of work. Even if there are ace brick repair tasks that need to be completed our team is going to ensure that the work is done properly. You need to ensure that you turn to a Dallas masonry or a Fort Worth masonry company with a good reputation. Our team has a good reputation. In fact, we have been able to provide ideas for retaining walls and stones for retaining walls as well. So, if you need to know how to build retaining walls in addition to your mailboxes, give us a call. We even offer services for retaining wall repair.

    This is a picture of a archway restorations.
    Archway Restorations

    Archways are not always big alcoves that lead to country mansions. Nope! In the Fort Worth area, there are many small arches over windows and doors that are there for decoration, just look around and you’ll see them! But where to go if they become damaged? The Answer, us! All contact details can be found on the website. Archway restoration is not going to be easy if you do not know anything about masonry work. Instead of stressing about trying to figure it out, hire our team instead. We will be able to handle the archway restoration for you without causing any issues.

    This is a picture of a brick cleaning.
    Brick Cleaning

    People think of this as a DIY job but you’d be surprised how much we can do with the right tools and a can-do attitude. Contact us today or read that section of the website to find out! After repairing masonry, it's best to have your brick and stone cleaned for the best appearance. Brick cleaning is going to be a breeze when you hire our professionals for the task. We will ensure that the work is reliable and effective. We are also going to be able to provide you with solutions that are going to be able to last for a while.

    This is a picture of a brick painting.
    Brick Painting

    This is a bit of a dark horse. We can paint bricks in all styles and we can even paint them in original brick colours, giving it a fresh look without changing its style.  A german smear on brick is another option. You need to turn to trusted brick masons for all of your brick laying and texture brick needs. This includes when you need to have a brick house painted. Houses painted with brick can look great! More importantly, when you are considering painting brick on a house, you want to ensure that you choose paint for brick exteriors. If you are unsure about which sort of paint you should pick, make sure you call our trusted masonry contractors. We are the brick masonry extraordinaries, and we offer brick patchwork and brick textures. Masonry in Fort Worth is easy for all of your brick painting needs when you turn to our team for masonry construction and masonry repair. We know masonry walls and masonry veneer better than anyone else, so make sure you choose our masonry company for all of your brick painting needs.

    Concrete Services and Repairs

    When needing concrete poured for driveway slabs, concrete patios, no need to look any further as we have the best concrete in Texas ready to pour for your new addition.  Are you looking for repairs to your cracked sidewalk or foundation? Give Fort Worth Brick repair a call for all your concrete needs to include stamped concrete, stained concrete and much more.

    Contact Us

    You’ll be happy to know that we don’t include automated call machines in our customer service. That means that when you try to get in touch with us, you will always, always speak to a real expert on the other end of the line. There are two main ways to contact us. Firstly, a phone call is always great and our hours and details can be found right here on this website.

    Secondly, we understand that some jobs need a bit more explaining than can be done over a quick phone call. Therefore, we have a committed email service where we were gladly take in the information that you send us and we get back to you with a considered response. So, what are you waiting for! Give us a call or send us an email to begin a great business relationship.

    You can pick up the phone and get in contact with our company when you are ready to have a team of trusted and skillful brick masonry experts working for you. Our team is prepared to provide you with high-quality outcomes. Also, we are always focused on providing you with as much information as possible so you can be highly satisfied with the services and the results that we provide you with.

    “When we bought our house we had a lot of brick work that needed doing. Stonepoint, fireplace retaining wall, brick pavers, veneers, patches… the list goes on. Thankfully, the good folks at Fort Worth Brick Repair had the tools and the expertise to manage all of our problems. We couldn’t be more grateful and we would recommend them to our friends” - Jan P.


    “I love doing DIY, but I didn’t know how to repoint brick, tuck pointing or any of the other aspects of construction maintenance that are necessary to keep a great home going. We all need a contracting service near us that can offer the expertise we need. Near me it was Fort Worth Brick Repair.” - Dan O.

    “It is tough to know how to repair brick and also to know how much brick repair costs. It is a bit of a mystery to the common man. Therefore, I was happy to know that Fort Worth Brick Repair were in the area and were operating on a daily basis. 10/10” - Tran Q L

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    Here in Fort Worth, home of the Fort Worth StockYards, National Historic District and the Fort worth Zoo, our Brick repair company can also cater to the commercial masonry repairs as well. Also, located near Sundance Square in fort worth, our mason contractors will travel throughout the metroplex servicing both Dallas and Fort Worth masonry repair customers. If you live north of Texas Motor Speedway in Fort worth, We have local mason contractors that will travel as far as Denton and surrounding areas.

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