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This is a picture of a archway restorations.


Just like we already said, we really are the brick doctors! We tackle anything related to brick structures and we have the tools and the expertise to get it right every single time!

But as you can probably imagine, archways present slightly different issues to other bricks structures simply because of the way that they are built.

When we talk about archways, we don’t always mean a big alcove with arches on every side. It can be a small archway detail over a window or a door, it can be one foot long as well as longer.

But, the nature of their shape, the way the bricks connect in union, present new issues to brick repair contractors like us.

For example, they transfer vertical loads to abutmenting masonry features on either side of the openings that are incorporated.

They also use keystones to centre the structure and to wedge the bricks into place along the same line.

However, when these arches fail, due to time and nature and other considerations, it is necessary to get a brick expert in to help with the repair job.

They may have a fancier design but they are still made of bricks and that is where we can shine!

Why Do Arches Fail?

Structural factors are the main problem here. Apart from the normal wear and tear of age and the constant outdoor battle with nature’s elements, arches are some of the most vulnerable parts of a building when it comes to the normal structural movement that can happen over time.

Buildings are heavy and some movement will occur due to the fact of physics. If this happens and an arch becomes weakened, then cracks can appear in or around the soldered courses that run around the arch or between the brickwork in the arch itself.

The Window lintel is another point of vulnerability and it all needs to be dealt with by professionals as soon as you notice the damage happening. If you ignore this for too long then the structure of the arch will weaken.

Because these arches are often placed on the front or sides of buildings, it can obviously present some dangers for those living in the building or entering and leaving it.

At Fort Worth Brick Repair we have fixed many arches in our time and we would love to do the same for you in Fort Worth!

What We Can Offer

The first thing we can do is to come and inspect the damage. We will then prepare a report which we will present to you alongside a proposal for the work that we think needs to be done. It will probably cost less than you imagine and it can be done to a schedule that fits your needs.

Aside from the normal repair and maintenance that we can do to the brickwork itself, we are also able to bring reinforcement materials to help keep it secure for years to come. This takes the form of bars and masonry beams which make sure you never need to worry about your arches again!

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