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Brick Painting

This is a picture of a brick painting.

We love the look of original brickwork, who doesn’t? It has become a la mode to live in a space that champions exposed brickwork. But not every style is the same and minimalist spaces with a lick of colour or varnish are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence at the minute.

Have you ever wondered how a brick home would look with a German smear?  A german smear brick house gives a rustic, old appearance that most people would love.

Therefore, our brick painting service is more used now than it ever was. Please read on to find out more and don’t forget to save our number - we are the ones you want to be calling if you feel that your brickwork is looking a bit tired and could to with a bit of love and care!

But, as you can probably imagine, bricks are a bit more difficult to paint than wood or concrete! Because of that, people often feel that it falls under the remit of DIY.

We’re here to tell you that the benefits of calling in the professionals definitely outweigh the drawbacks and it will cost less than you might expect to call us, whilst taking less time than you might be thinking as well. Not convinced, just keep on reading!

The Pro’s Touch

Stripping and sandblasting are services that take time, cost a lot and come with a whole legion of health and safety considerations. It is just not the same with brick painting.

We can give a brick wall a new lease of life in a short while and we can leave you smiling at the end of the project as well. Want a smooth finish or a rugged look?

We have the answers for you. We can even paint a structure in a way that protects it from nature’s elements, that will leave it looking fresh for years to come.

The main thing you need to know about Fort Worth’s brick painting service is that it caters to the client. Whatever look you want to achieve, whatever finish you desire, we are all ears and we will make it happen if it is within our power to do so.

Even if you want the ‘brick’ look, we can do it. That is where we paint over tired brick works in their original colours, giving the wall a new lease of life without losing its originality and its rustic appeal.

We can even give it a rugged look if you want us to! Just give us a call to start a great business relationship. You won’t be disappointed and you will be the envy of all your neighbours and friends once the process is finished.

The best thing is that whilst we are brick painters from time to time, our trade is brick repair, so when we paint your house we are conscious of the health of the brickwork as well. You won’t get that with every contractor!

We will paint the brickwork in the fashion you have in mind whilst also remaining mindful of the damage that might have been done to the substrate over the years and advising on the best way to repair and maintain it.

It really is a win, win! Contact Fort Worth Brick Repair today to start a great project together!

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